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Students may reach out to the Academy Director if they wish to schedule an appointment to discuss any issue interfering with the student’s success. We are committed to ensuring that each student succeeds in our program, and in doing so we will provide assistance on an individual basis. If a student is struggling academically, tutoring may be recommended. IAM will provide personal or group tutoring at a rate of $25/hour per student.
Upon completing and passing all required courses and fulfilling financial obligations, graduates will receive a 625-hour Certificate in Therapeutic Massage. Only the State of Indiana can grant professional licenses, therefore graduates must complete all State requirements prior to practicing massage therapy professionally. Indiana Academy of Massage will provide all pertinent information and support to assist graduates in becoming licensed.
Indiana Academy of Massage does offer career placement. In the final third of the program, students will complete a course in career development where they will be offered a significant amount of support and guidance on how to get a job or build a private practice in massage therapy.
The field of massage therapy is rich with career opportunities, and continues to grow! There is high demand for well-educated, quality massage therapists, and graduates can choose to use their skills in any of the following settings:
  • Physical therapy clinic
  • Chiropractic clinic
  • Day spa
  • Pain management and sports medicine clinic
  • Assisted living residence and nursing care facility
  • Hospital
  • Yoga studio
  • Wellness center
  • Mental health facility
  • Onsite corporate massage
  • Private practice specializing in your own special area of interest!
Student records will be kept for the lifetime of the school, and thereafter will be maintained by the State of Indiana. Students may request their records so long as they are in good standing with IAM. Failure to meet financial obligations will result in withholding of records until arrangements are made or payment is received. All student records are confidential, and IAM does not release records to anyone but the student.
Upon graduation each student will receive a 625-hour Certificate in Therapeutic Massage, as well as an official transcript. Students may request additional transcripts for $25 each. Students must have met all course requirements and financial obligations to the school before official transcripts will be released.

This institution is regulated by:
Department of Workforce Development
Office for Career and Technical Schools
10 N Senate Avenue, Suite SE 308
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317-234-8338 or 317-232-1732

This institution is Nationally Accredited by:
Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation
900 Commonwealth Place Suite 200-331
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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