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Our massage therapy school in Indiana was founded on the belief that massage therapy is more than a hands-on skill. The curriculum helps students pass the MBLEX by covering a range of topics – including the science of massage, professional ethics, and patient treatment plans.

Founded in 2018, our school is Nationally accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) and the Office for Career and Technical Schools (OCTS). All of our instructors are licensed massage therapists with years of experience practicing and teaching.

Our certification program offers high-quality, accessible education to aspiring massage therapists. All of our students experience...

Expert-led massage
therapy courses

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To jumpstart your career in massage therapy, sign up for our upcoming courses. We’re happy to accept students with no prior experience, as well as those with previous credits.

Why Students Choose Our Massage Therapy School

We offer a 20-week full-time program to get aspiring massage therapists where they need to be faster.
Indiana Academy of Massage boasts a high graduation rate with an above-average MBLEX pass rate. All students participate in clinic hours and perform massages on licensed massage therapists, giving them real-world experience. Additionally, our top graduates benefit from guaranteed job placement with a direct link to Woodhouse Spa.
Our massage therapy instructors use a unique instruction model focused on client assessment and treatment planning. Students learn the guidelines for practicing, as well as the science of massage: anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology.
We are committed to individualized instruction that meets every learning style. Our school prioritizes student wellness by providing access to all the necessary resources, both professional and personal. This includes exam coaching, competency-based instruction, industry networking opportunities, and the chance to experience camaraderie within the classroom environment.

Our Testimonials


I decided to pursue massage therapy as a possibility for a second career. Indiana Academy of Massage helped fast track this transition with their full-time program. I have been able to change my entire career path in a few short months. The program is fun, enlightening, and designed for adult learners. The course material is interesting and engaging; but I especially loved that the instructors were always willing to share the colorful experiences of their tenured careers to supplement the course content and answer any questions from the class. I found IAM to be a very supportive environment, and I loved the small class sizes. The curriculum provides a solid foundation of massage skills that I can continue to build upon.

Callie F.


I am a recent graduate from IAM. And I am happy with my decision of pursuing a massage therapist career with Indiana Academy of Massage. One of the determining factors for going to Indiana Academy of massage was because of how fast paced the program was. We always learned something new every week and the course always kept us on our toes. The time spent in IAM flew by and every moment spent there was never dull. Another reason why I went with the decision of going to IAM was the instructor to student ratio. Due to the number of students being less, the instructors were able to focus on each student individually and were able to cater their teaching styles to our learning styles! I am happy to say I am an IAM graduate. I would recommend IAM to anyone who wants to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. I thank all the instructors and my peers for being a part of such a wonderful experience!

Rubi D.


I chose IAM because of the attention that you receive from the instructors. They always made time for questions and explained everything thoroughly. Kendra and the other instructors set you up for success, and make sure that you have all the tools necessary to step into the industry and immediately be great. I would definitely recommend IAM to anyone who is wanting to start their professional career, or like me, wanting to switch careers.

Blake B.


My decision to pursue massage therapy was a complete 180 in my life. I was referred by a MT who’d gone through the IAM, at what seemed like the perfect time in my life. The career I had previously pursued was not what I had dreamed it would be and I couldn’t figure out what to do next. So I contacted the IAM and in a few days, I would start my first day of their full time program. I loved their facility, the class size was perfect, and the supplies included in the tuition were so great. Our instructors came from so many different corners of the massage world. They were all experienced in many different modalities. There was an abundance of knowledge for every one of us to tap into and a lot of time to ask questions. The environment here is supportive and the teachers are all so knowledgeable. I wouldn’t imagine finding such great education anywhere else.

Amy P.


The amount of times I've heard "that was the best massage of my life" is such a wonderful feeling. I certainly know I'm not the best and still have so much learning to do, but it speaks volumes to the education and mentorship I received. I'm so thankful for the instructors and IAM! Thank you! ❤️️ Cheers to finding my niche and living my dream!

Konnor C.

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