Stress and Time Management Tips to Help You Maintain a Successful Massage School Experience 

Have you ever committed to a job, project, or an event and panicked because you were unsure of how you would be able to juggle it all? If you are in massage school or are even thinking about going into it, you could potentially run into this scenario. For some students school is not the only responsibility they have on their plate. Many students work full time jobs, have families, all while trying to pursue a career in their dream field. So what are some time management tips and tricks that will help you maintain success in massage school, while also tackling those unavoidable commitments outside of the classroom?

Set realistic goals and intentions for your day

Whether it’s writing a to do list over breakfast or setting intentions for the day during your morning commute, having a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish in the day is very important. Often times if we go throughout the day without an apparent guide we tend to get distracted and we won’t finish what we had originally set out to accomplish. Making to do lists or outlining your day will help you manifest what it is you need to get done.

Prioritize your responsibilities 

Ask yourself “What is the most important thing on my agenda today?” and make that your top priority. Ranking your responsibilities according to when you need to get them done helps you understand which is most important to accomplish first. Sure, all your responsibilities are important and HAVE to be done but by prioritizing the most important tasks in your day you will alleviate worry and stress. 

Be Self Aware 

Get to know yourself and the amount of stress you are able to take on in a day. If you are already taking on a lot at work while also trying to study and be a star student maybe you shouldn’t join another club or take on that extra activity. It may be hard to say no to all the things we want to do or every opportunity that is thrown at us but in the long run the reward of finishing school and landing that dream job will be worth the work and dedication. 

Create Realistic Deadlines and stick to them 

One way to make sure you complete all your tasks is by setting realistic deadlines. This will help you set precedent and expectations for your day especially if no one is setting them for you. By giving yourself a due date you create an urgency for your task, this will allow you to avoid procrastinating and help you get to the end goal sooner.  

Take a deep breath 

Take a deep breath, relax and forgive yourself. Balancing work, personal life, and school is not an easy task. Celebrate your victories and forgive yourself when you fail. Remember that you are only human and aren’t always going to be ahead of the game 100% of the time. An important aspect of stress and time management is knowing when you make a mistake and learning from it. So don’t be afraid to ask for help and always remember to celebrate your accomplishments.

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