How Long Does Massage Therapy School Last?

As a massage therapist, you will be efficiently assisting individuals in staying healthy in the most pleasant manner possible. Therefore, if you are looking for a massage therapy school in Indiana, you ought to be aware of a few facts.


Massage therapy education can equip you for a rewarding and lucrative career. Your physiological perception and tactile modulation abilities will enable you to make a significant difference in your customers’ physical and mental wellness. Massage therapy can assist in easing tension, pain, and soreness while also increasing overall fitness. Before you enroll in a Massage School, you must know the duration of the course and timings.


Massage School Training

Most states require massage therapists to be certified before they may operate. This requires graduating from a licensed massage therapy school and passing a nationally recognized exam. The duration of the programs ranges from 300 to 1,000 hours of traditional classroom and practical learning. Depending on the curricular structure, this could take anywhere from a few weeks to two years.


The number of procedures covered and the quantity of practical training delivered to define the length. If you wish to work full-time, a longer program that provides intensive training and prepares you for a broader range of massage methods and treatments may be explored. This will give you the real skills you need to meet the needs of a larger range of clients.

Timing and Duration

Indiana Academy of Massage is a lovely and well-equipped institution where students may receive both academic and hands-on instruction. The lectures are extremely visual and participatory, with vivid, clear images and model skeletons serving as great learning tools. Here at Indiana Academy of Massage, practical learning does not have to be confined to activities done on the tabletop.


Full Time: 18 Weeks | Monday through Friday | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


The student’s clinic hours are also included in these schedules.


Practical Learning

To become a massage therapist, substantial training and study are required. When you complete your degree or certificate program, you will be able to perform a variety of massage treatments. The precise ones you study will be determined by what your institution has to offer. In addition to studying different massage modalities, you will be educated in other skills required for providing therapeutic massage sessions to consumers.


This includes standards governing cleanliness and safety and ethical and corporate practices. These skills prepare you for the corporate side of massage therapy, helping you cultivate pleasant, honest relationships with customers while also guaranteeing a safe and sanitary therapy environment.

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