Career Opportunities In Massage Therapy

When going into any field it is important to understand all of your career options. In massage therapy there are numerous career opportunities available for you. Career opportunities you may not have even considered. Here is a list of options you will have with your massage therapy license after graduation.


Massage Facilities and Spas

There are spas and massage facilities everywhere. Making it an ideal choice for massage therapists new to the industry.  Working at a spa is a great way to kick start your career. Since they already have their own brand and clientele your career has the potential to grow rapidly. Spas offer an excellent support system making them a great option when starting your career. 


Work For Yourself

When you become more experienced in the field, being your own boss is a solid option for your career. Many massage therapists prefer the freedom of working for themselves and being able to create their own schedule. This option will give you the work life balance you desire. Whether you are in your own building or traveling to your clients this could be a great opportunity for you


Physicians Offices and Hospitals

Medical offices understand the physical and mental benefits of regular massage. Many are beginning to offer on site massage therapy for their patients. This is a great option if you are passionate about patient recovery. Working in the medical field as a massage therapist can be rewarding, and give you you the opportunity to provide wellness and healing to people who really need it. 


Cruise Ships

If you have a love for travel working on a cruise ship is the perfect option for you. Often times cruise ships have spas for their passengers. Working on a cruise ship will allow you the availability to travel while also getting  to practice massage. 


Sports Teams

Sports teams often hire a massage therapist on staff to help the players recover after games. Working as a massage therapist for a sports team could be very exciting especially if you have an interest in sports medicine and healing. 


On-site Massage

Many massage therapists set up chairs in airports, offices, and malls. Their clientele is typically tired travelers, business professionals, and busy shoppers looking for the smallest amount of relaxation to help them get through the day. On-site massage can also be a great side job along with your full time job. 


Nursing Homes

Geriatrics and Eldercare is noble work and the industry is in high demand. Your massage therapy skills could come to great use in a nursing home. By working in a nursing home you will be able to provide wellness and relaxation that could improve their overall health. 


Massage Therapy Instructor

 After you have been in your massage career long enough you could decide you want to explore other avenues in the field. Being a massage therapy instructor is a great path to choose with your massage therapy license. Being able to give back all the education you have learned and experience you’ve gained to the future of massage therapy will be very rewarding to you. 

A career in massage therapy will never get boring with so many different options.Take your time to research and see what avenue is the right fit for you. Your opportunities as a massage therapist are endless and the best part is that you get to decide which direction to take your career. 


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